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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles - Lessons

Wild Empath Chronicles – Lessons

There are many people that believe we make a plan before we get to this life. We have things to teach and thing to learn. We have a host of helpers as guides and soul family we reconnect with here on earth. It is a strange concept, but one that makes great sense to me.

Last night I had a dream, it was about a guy that came to get a tarot reading and requested one with tarot and indian medicine cards.  I was doing a 10 card spread kind of a north as a connection to the Divine, south as a connection to the earth, east as a connection to your logical self, west as a connection to your intuition, and the middle was of things to come, or look out for, depending.  The two cards he drew for the north were the Hierophant and the Badger reversed.  I read these cards as a struggle to maintain a love of God, while at the same time being very angry at him.

He agreed that it was true, and it was because he had lost his sister, and to him it was a senseless death. At this point I woke up. Wondering why such things do happen. I thought about what I see on the news, innocents harmed for no apparent reason.

I was reminded of the concept that we make out our plan before we get here. I pondered over the thought that some come to teach. And in order for that lesson to be fully learned, there must be sacrifice. That got me wondering why in many faiths a sacrifice was offered up to the Divine.   Could be like a preemptive move to hopefully not have to pay that sacrifice in life?

The concept of sacrifice is not new. We know we have to give up something to get something else. We give up time at a job for a paycheck. We give up our innocence to become an adult. We sacrifice our family unit when we divorce.  And we mourn all these things when it happens. These are small compared to loss of life, the ultimate sacrifice.  But we don’t see the whole picture.

There is a story of a child sitting at his grandmother’s feet, and she is working on a needlepoint. The part the child saw was all loose strings and strange stitches on the bottom, but when he looked at the top, it was a beautiful picture. To me that is how it is with God. We see the weird pieces, but we can’t see the beautiful picture.

Sometimes the lessons of sacrifice have to do with making us better people. We get complacent, we forget to honor those around us. When one is sacrificed the lesson is learned and we really look and appreciate what is truly important.

In this country we live in a world where no one wants to sacrifice anything and yet achieve their goals.  Everyone gets a trophy, taking advantage of others to better your standing; there seems to be no consequences.  But the consequences are huge! People fear making a mistake. If you don’t make a mistake you aren’t trying hard enough to be the best you can.  There is no moral code, because living that way it was never learned. The basic tools of how to cope are not taught, because there has been no sacrifice to learn them.

When it comes to lessons sometimes we are the example, sometimes we are the teacher and sometimes the student. There is no one that is just one of those things.

Just sharing thoughts I had this morning.  Hope you easily learn your lessons for the day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On this day, the day of the anniversary of the deadly attack on the towers, we remember the loss, the fear, the knowledge that everything had changed and someone attacked our wonderful country out of hate and madness.
But what did we learn? After the attack the pendulum swung far to the hate filled side, wanting justice for the thousands of people killed. Hatred of a group that harms others for their own benefit. We wanted justice, understanding, a reason for it all.
As time went on we realized there was no reason, and there will be no justice. How do we reconcile that? The pendulum keeps swinging, now to frustration and still fear. Sadly people were hurt because of the color of their skin or their religion.
Hateful fools jumped on the bandwagon, wanting to hurt someone, anyone to stop the madness in their soul. But that doesn't cleanse you of the pain and fear either.
Then we must focus on the bravery that showed up that day. Not just those trained and hired to keep other's safe, but the people in the building helping each other through the rubble, taking a hand, sharing a word of encouragement. I am sure there are some that pushed and shoved their way through to get to the exit as fast as they can. But there were some that took responsibility for those unable to help themselves. This is a true hero. The might not have made it out that day, and tear may have been shed for them, but to those they helped they will never be forgotten.
So this year, instead of getting angry all over again, especially those who actually watched this on the news that morning, that rubbed their eyes because what they are watching seemed so unreal. This year say a prayer for the heroes, and the families torn apart that day. Remember what you saw, the resilience of the American People. Let the pendulum swing to the center again, let us remember this is the best country on the planet, with so much to offer. Never take that for granted.