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Friday, July 17, 2020

7 layers of being, 2nd layer

 The Seven Layers of Being

People can be quite complicated or quite simple depending on how you look at things. We have different needs and wants, different ways of growth and thought.  But we all have the same basic layers to our self.  They need to be kept open and balanced. Each layer has a specific part to our place here on this earth and in the universe. 

2nd Layer

We have talked about the left side of the brain in the first layer, now lets explore the beauty of the right brain as it is important for our second layer. This layer of being is all about thinking outside the box, or at least letting it be an option. We are talking creativity. We are talking a balance of the 1st layer and this layer. They will work in tandem when both are balanced.

While the first one is all about survival, this layer is about making your world a pretty place. It’s about color, humor, expression. It brings joy to your life. Simple pleasures, exotic reasoning. All ends of the spectrum.

This layer when balanced brings a little pop to the personality. The ability to create through self-expression, showing you are self-assured.

When this over active you see a loud drama to this creativity.  It isn’t enough to flow, it is all about standing out no matter what the cost. This leads to fear of not being seen.

On the other side when it is under active we see loss of control. There are so times we need to go with the flow, but it is hard when you can’t visualize a creative change. After all it is hard to be creative when you are shadowed in doubt.

The second layer corresponds to the navel or sacral chakra. As it is all about joy and expression, the tarot suit is Cups. It is visualized by the color orange, and frequency this layer thrives on for balance is 417hz. 

To help find that balance again, do things a bit differently, brush your teeth with your non dominate hand, take a new route to a place you go often. Change the color of something you see every day, a tablecloth, the walls, your clothes. Read books or listen to music out of your normal genre.

Find your joy in simple things. Add them to your life. We are here for more than just survival. We are here to flourish!

When the first and second layer work in tandem, you are using both sides of your mind. It opens up the possibilities to an infinite level!  

Friday, May 4, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles-Glad I found you.

We go through life wondering if there is a plan. We know there are lessons to learn and chances to take, but we wonder what the outcome is to be.
There are those that feel we make a pact before we get here. Our spirit on the other side may be lacking in some form of energy. There is no opposition on the other side, so it is hard to strengthen anything. So we take form, body, mind and soul and go to ground. We get here with our plan intact, the goal so easy to see before has now, been lost in a distant memory.
But we don’t come here without our fail safes. Friends that also have lives to lead, and goals to reach agree to help keep us directed. We have those that have hurt us so we turn back and try something else; we have those that walk with us as long as it shares their intended experience. It is like they help us, like we are rats in a maze.
Think of it like our lives are like we live in a tornado. In the beginning we are the center of our universe. We come into this world helpless, in need of food, love and shelter from life’s storms. It is like being in the eye, the world is chaos all around us, but our every need is tended to, if we are lucky. As we learn and grow, given tools by our parents, teachers and friends, we step out of that calm eye and into the intense winds of the storm. We are ducking cows, cars and buildings and at times we run back to the calm center before we jump out again. Life isn’t easy, and it is not for the faint of heart. But we learn to duck and jive, learning how to survive, learning what we need to know to go it on our own. Some people never leave the center, feeling they are the universe and expecting someone to tend to them. Some people jump out to the harsh winds daring a house to even try to fall on them. All people are different, and there is no right or wrong, we just have to remember we have a goal, and so do those that are here with us.
As we get used to the harshness of hurt feelings and growing pains, we keep going till the winds aren’t as strong. They still blow but you have time to think and plan your life. What job to have, who to spend your life with, should you have kids, all questions that are answered when the wind settles a bit and you can start to see your way. You try things and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. When things don’t work, over and over, it is time to realize you are off your projected goal. As soon as you start thinking “why me”, that is the time to re-evaluate your actions. There is a saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If you find that happening to you, seek knowledge, there is something you are missing. We all know people that take the wrong jobs, seek the wrong partner, trust the wrong people, and they do it over and over. Watch and learn from that. There is no problem with making mistakes as long as you learn from them. Every time you miss a lesson the next one gets tougher, and then next one even more so. Try to figure out what is going on as soon as you can, it will be much easier on you. It is all about paying attention and being present in your own life.
As you settle into your life and the winds die down more you start to see out in front of you that as you keep going the winds die down more and more. Life isn’t exactly easy, but it is easier. You are who you are to be, and on your way. It is during this time you really start paying attention to your spirituality. We are coming full circle and we have learned many lessons, maybe not all the ones you were supposed to, and maybe some you hadn’t planned on. As you look back you can see who came in and out of your life and what they did or didn’t do for you.
The biggest lesson to me is to “learn to only take what is freely offered and to only give what you freely can.” This is huge. I know people that give till they are depleted and find that often time the offering isn’t appreciated, but it is accepted anyway. These people often times are so hurt because they gave more than they really had to give. And there are people that take, and then want more, the manipulate and such to get you to give more than your all. This causes many things to happen and none of them good. When you do give, and you do it solely because you want to, how it is received doesn’t matter. You did it because it was the right thing to do.
There are those that always want to “help” the underdog, an honorable thing to do, but again, don’t give more than you can freely. We are here to live our experience. Yes sounds terribly selfish, but it is still true. I know a man that gives to a few people, only what is comfortable, and most of them hardly acknowledge his kindness. There are no phone calls of “how are you?” or even thank yous. He does it because he can. It harms him not, and he expects nothing. But in their world where most people are unkind to them, life has been hard, times are tough, he is the shining light in their lives, the one person that gives freely, and asks for nothing. I wonder if they realize it.
So with that thought in mind I want to thank all who have crossed my path, wandered it with me, and helped me change direction when I was a bit lost. I am so glad that in this big world with all the trials, joys and tribulations, “I found you.”

Monday, April 23, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles - Courage

There is a saying that “courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway.”
Those who dare to love are the most courageous people. Love is frightening on the uppermost of levels. What if it isn’t shared, what if it doesn’t last, all the insecure what ifs you can think of.
But what about the deeper levels. The things we conveniently forget when tumbling into the joy of love.
Anyone that has lost a pet knows what I am talking about. Every new puppy, kitten, horse is an abundant supply of love. We grow to understand each other, to accept our differences and be there when needed most. But people generally outlive our pets. We are heart broken when we have to say goodbye and often it is our decision to send them on to the next world. What courage that takes. Knowing it won’t last forever, but conveniently forgetting that while in the midst of the joy the companionship offers.
Take it a step further. Every person you love, every joy you have shared will someday end. I am not being negative here, just practical. We know there is the opportunity for great joy, but also great pain. Yet we are courageous enough to take that chance. We know in a relationship that one day one will leave the other, if by walking out the door or passing on. We don’t dwell on it, and most times never really think about it, but the truth lies there like the tiniest of blips on our radar. It is what makes love so real. The knowing that the intense emotion, the joy, the sharing is so special, so magical. What builds it to the intense levels we enjoy is the fact it won’t last forever.
Love is the great gift because it is as fragile as tissue, and as strong as iron. It can make us better people, it can help us bring out the best in others. Love works because it is temporary. For some it last decades, for some years, for some days. How brave a heart must be to put itself at such risk? How steadfast you have to be to know what you know, yet continue on anyway.
This is the true purpose of the human being. To be courageous, to love, and to accept what comes. I find it the ultimate bravery.
There are those that still fear such a wonderful gift. Fear of the change when we find ourselves alone once again. Fear that it will never return. It is that fear that is the most harmful of all things. That fear stops us from being the human beings we are meant to be. Know that the pain won’t last, know that the love for however long the duration will be worth far more than the hurt that follows.
Know that sometimes you will have to “take the hit”. And it will be far greater than never knowing the joy.