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Monday, April 23, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles - Courage

There is a saying that “courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway.”
Those who dare to love are the most courageous people. Love is frightening on the uppermost of levels. What if it isn’t shared, what if it doesn’t last, all the insecure what ifs you can think of.
But what about the deeper levels. The things we conveniently forget when tumbling into the joy of love.
Anyone that has lost a pet knows what I am talking about. Every new puppy, kitten, horse is an abundant supply of love. We grow to understand each other, to accept our differences and be there when needed most. But people generally outlive our pets. We are heart broken when we have to say goodbye and often it is our decision to send them on to the next world. What courage that takes. Knowing it won’t last forever, but conveniently forgetting that while in the midst of the joy the companionship offers.
Take it a step further. Every person you love, every joy you have shared will someday end. I am not being negative here, just practical. We know there is the opportunity for great joy, but also great pain. Yet we are courageous enough to take that chance. We know in a relationship that one day one will leave the other, if by walking out the door or passing on. We don’t dwell on it, and most times never really think about it, but the truth lies there like the tiniest of blips on our radar. It is what makes love so real. The knowing that the intense emotion, the joy, the sharing is so special, so magical. What builds it to the intense levels we enjoy is the fact it won’t last forever.
Love is the great gift because it is as fragile as tissue, and as strong as iron. It can make us better people, it can help us bring out the best in others. Love works because it is temporary. For some it last decades, for some years, for some days. How brave a heart must be to put itself at such risk? How steadfast you have to be to know what you know, yet continue on anyway.
This is the true purpose of the human being. To be courageous, to love, and to accept what comes. I find it the ultimate bravery.
There are those that still fear such a wonderful gift. Fear of the change when we find ourselves alone once again. Fear that it will never return. It is that fear that is the most harmful of all things. That fear stops us from being the human beings we are meant to be. Know that the pain won’t last, know that the love for however long the duration will be worth far more than the hurt that follows.
Know that sometimes you will have to “take the hit”. And it will be far greater than never knowing the joy.

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