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Friday, August 10, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles WTF

She was looking from above, an observer to an odd set of circumstances. There were people milling around in an older building. There was one big room, the carpet was worn, and there were cheap metal chairs here and there for the people to sit it.

As she watched a woman entered the room. She stood at the front of the room and was drawn to three men standing in the same area, none of them acknowledge the other. The stood a respectful distance from each other aware of each other, but never getting or giving eye contact.

The woman walked across the room. She was hard to describe. She was dressed in slacks and blouse in soft earth tones and a simple sweeter. She moved very fluid, almost like a feline. Easy gentle stride that didn’t match the gentle look she appeared to have. As she strode across the room, people parted to let her through. She never made eye contact until the gentlemen noticed her moving across the crowded room.

As the woman approached the first man, she didn’t say a word. She took in his strength, he was tall, easy smile in his face. He was standing with his feet shoulder width apart, arms loose at his sides. Although he appeared relaxed, he seemed coiled up inside, like a snake ready to strike at any moment. As she glided to him she noticed she had his full attention. She wasn’t his type, but he felt her two sides, she appeared as a modern school marm, but her movement and gestures belied that feeling. As they locked eyes she strode right into his personal space. He held his stance, even though protocol suggested he back up a step to be polite.

The woman raised her right hand palm out and cocked her head as she started to put it on his chest. His easy smile stayed but concerned showed on his brow. He gave the slightest of nods as she but her hand to his chest. She clinched the fist of her left and stood before him with her right palm firmly on his chest for a couple of minutes. She breathed deep, and appeared to be straining a bit, and then she sighed heavily and removed her hand. She opened her left hand and in it was a small kidney bean. She gently took his left hand and placed the bean in it and closed the hand to a fist around the bean. He looked at her questioningly, but she just smiled a small gentle smile and walked to the next man.

The next man was in a slouching stance, his leather jacket, boots and long hair gave him the look of modern day hippy. His whole demeanor appeared relaxed and nonchalant. He was actually taking in the whole room at all times, no movement was unnoticed. She made eye contact and he changed his stance to a willing attitude. He had no fear of this lady, and welcomed the woman’s advances. He noticed what had gone on before and wasn’t surprised when she raised her right hand to him. He grinned and puffed up his chest just a bit, in a “bring it on” type of attitude. The woman placed her palm on his chest and the strain in her was noticeable. She stood the next few minutes and was trembling when she finished. Again she took the man’s hand and handed him the bean as well. He was puzzled as well, but put it in is pants pocket and watched her move onto the last man.

As she strode to the final man they were eye to eye, his bulky muscles visible under his button up shirt. He had no smile or smirk, just a strain continence that showed the pain of his life. Her stride wasn’t as sleek at this point, she was tiring. She cocked her head, and he did the smallest of nods, and she did the same to him as the other two gentlemen. Her trembling was more pronounced and there was a small bead of sweat on her brow. Concern etched on her face as she pulled her hand off his chest. She staggered back a step, and he put his arm around her to hold her in place. She smiled her thank you, and handed him the bean. He held it between is thumb and forefinger, and looked at it up close. It was just a bean from what he could see, and he looked at her questioningly.

The woman gentle stepped out of the kind mans arm and stood in the middle of the three men. She took a couple of deep breaths and started to speak.

“I have come to you because of who you are. You are all very different but still have similar pasts. All of you are of military origin; you are of warrior fathers and are warriors yourselves. You have suffered the sadness and horrors of the day, but by word or deed you have shown your strength and courage. Your price has been heavy and the pain and suffering immense. I have without your permission relieved you of your pain and sadness. It is removed from your body and soul, and placed in the bean I gave you. It is still in your memory but only as a reminder of past mistakes as to not make the same ones again. If you feel you are not worth of this gift just swallow the bean and you will once again be as your were. The choice is yours. This is my gift to you for the sacrifices you have made and the honor that is yours to bear.“

The three men looked at each other and as the moments passed an awareness was apparent, a feeling of a lighter soul. The sludge they have been using to hold down their life was gone. The constant stress of the unhappiness had been lifted. All three men felt oddly empowered, no longer weighed down but the energy sapping emotion that had been as a weight around their neck.

The first man looked at the bean and without hesitation popped it in his mouth and swallowed it like a pill. The second man looked at the bean, and smiled, but put back in his pocket. The third man looked sideways at the woman, and stated his disbelief.

“How do I know this is true”, He said.

She started with a sly grin,” emotions have energy do they not?” He nodded and she went on, “so let’s go see if your bean has energy, but be warned if we do this you will not be able to take back the pain and sorrow that has been removed, but you will have another problem instead.”

“I have no need to retake that pain again, so prove to me woman how this can be so.”

The woman smiled and picked up a metal trash can, “ follow me” she said and lead the men up to the roof of the building.

She took the bean from the third man and placed it under the upside down trash can, and motioned for the men to stand back. She focused on the trash can and hummed a note, steady and even, and as time went on the humming got more intense. All at once the trash can popped off the ground about four feet and nearly blew apart.
The men stood amazed at the energy they had been carrying, and though the first man chose to keep his pain, he was still impressed.

The third man was in shock, and turned to the woman. “you said there was a new problem now in my life”

She looked at the ground, and then brought her gaze to his eyes, “now my friend, you will fear death again.”