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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles Freedom

We are told of a life with no boundaries, no burdens. We are told we are allowed to fly free, unfettered by the confines of life. We check in with reality and the ego states loudly, yes! Yes! I want this freedom. Let us tear down the walls of confinement that hold us so neatly in place. The ego rises to the challenge, shouting and cursing the boundaries set upon this life. The spirit waits, hoping against hope that this can be true, hope, the everlasting life essential for all of mankind. 
 As the ego rails against the walls society has erected, balances the power of the spirit and takes a moment to see what these walls are made of. Brick, mortar, steel and glass, all strong elements but the ego is not daunted, it pulls from deep within and with every ounce of effort and the strength of the hope of the human spirit it blows the walls to pieces. But now all around there are bits of sharp stone, broken glass, pointed pieces sharp enough for arrow heads, the ego is crushed. The sight seen in the distance is one of great beauty, everlasting space and time. But one step on the broken shards would tear the foot to ribbons of bleeding flesh. If you were lucky you would make two maybe three steps and then be unable to go on, surrounded by nothing but those things that can give you great pain. Hope fades as you stay in your small safe circle, now seeing what is out there and unable to join with it, the freedom within your sight, but still inaccessible to you.
But wait the spirit whispers to the ego. It was you that built this wall, how is it that it has been built so fortified with such strong elements? The ego slightly appalled at the question answers, isn’t it obvious? What else could keep such a strong being so confined? It would take mighty things to keep freedom at bay. The spirit smiles and ponders for a moment. Brick, mortar, steel and glass are all things made from man. It is God that offers us freedom. What if, just what if those walls are made of our own emotions? Thoughts soft as summer sunshine that change like gentle breezes, what if this is what made of these walls? You, ego feel it must be something harsh to allow you to accept your captivity. But this is something of your making, not something that God gave us. What if this barrier, these walls have burst and all that surrounds you are gentle things soft as goose down, gentle as a lover’s kiss, lovely as a rose, what if this is what must be crossed to find this elusive freedom we crave. 
The spirit full now of hope takes a chance, one step. There is no pain, and greater hope ensues. The spirit takes another step, then another, the feeling of broken barrier tickles the spirit’s fancy. The ego is mortified. How could I be so foolish, how could I not realize that God would never want this body to feel so trapped? Spirit smiles and nods, it wasn’t foolish, we all just have to be ready at the same time. And together Mind, Ego, Body and Spirit stepped out into the vast expanse of time and space.