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Friday, November 23, 2018

The Season is upon us

The season is upon us. That time so magical as children, so uncomfortable as adults. When you cast away the magic, take away the joy, it becomes a time of “have toos” and stress. There no longer is a reason for the season. A beautiful sentiment of joy at what has come your way becomes a sinister political upheaval for some. So in the name of political correctness all words must be measured and doled out in proper order. We cannot praise our Lord because it may offend another. What if there is just ONE God, but many names, would this God approve of the turmoil a simple name can cause? Would it be to His/Her liking to see such stress over something that should bring light and joy to the masses? And for those that don’t believe, is it so bad to allow someone their faith if it brings them a smile and warmth now and again? I am so sick of it all. I will give thanks this Thursday, thanks for health, love, family and friends. Thanks for God, the earth, the sun and the stars. Thanks for trials and foes, thanks for strength and joy. Thanks for my time here in this life, thanks for those that have touched my life and for who’s lives I have touched. Thanks for confusion and pain, understanding and gain. This Christmas I will honor my faith. God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit that connects us to it all. I will not tell another how to believe, I will not force my thoughts on another soul. But I will let the light of the love of God to move through me. And to all who join in, the light in me honors the light in you. And to all who don’t join in, I say the same. Can we pray for Peace on Earth, and Good will towards man?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving blessings
The table is set
The dinner is done
The kids are out playing
Having some fun
But there is something missing
A thought I can’t catch
It’s driving me crazy
Like an itch I can’t scratch
It’s from those that have left us
It’s them that I miss
The memories are fleeting
Like a soft gentle kiss
I see you up there
On a cloud in the sky
A smile on your face
The twinkle in your eye
And I see from you face
In your heart you’re elated
Looking down at the family
That you have created
They are bright and strong
And so full of life
They take good and the bad
Pleasure and strife
I see you and others
All whole and all strong
It’s hard to believe
You have been gone this long
I see more in the back
Folks I don’t know
They smile and watch out
For us down below
For they are the ones
Who have come to bear
They passed on their essence
Their traits we do share
Will you do me a favor
Some time when you’re able
Thank God for our friends
And the food on our table.