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Monday, January 17, 2022

 When God He is speaking

That voice in your ear
He talks of your joys
He shows you your fears
The pain of the others
The weary and lost
Those that have found Him
At joy and at cost
They call Him the savior
They greet him with cheer
They forget with the knowledge
That binds us all here
To draw Him the open
To welcome with glee
To live through His might
With bowed head and bent knee
To see it is coming
To taste this new test
There is no great winner
There is no real best
The sorrow it comes
The balance be made
The payment extracted
For the table we have laid
We fight and we conquer
We chose our new foe
We say we are righteous
But inside we all know
The love we have in us
We hide and we dare
We choose only the worthy
To honor and share
But now time has come
To look what we wrought
To wonder the payment
For what we have bought
So we sit and we ponder
We try not to think
We are sick with the knowing
We are the weak link
It’s time to take hold
To do what is right
To share that love
To honor His light
So smile with knowledge
And find joy in what you see
Start your day with grace
And be what you are to be.
Open your heart
Be brave and to dare
For all He really wanted
Was for us to care

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