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Monday, November 16, 2020

The good shirts

 I'm sorry I haven't been on here much. The world has been a little crazy and it has taken a lot of energy to keep my part of it going.

I was musing this morning about things and wanted to share some of it. 

Last night I was finishing up the laundry and as I was hanging up clothes, I was thinking how nice my 3 good flannel shirts were clean and ready for the new week. How in the heck at 63 years old did I end up with 3 good flannel shirts!  I have several, don't get me wrong, but these are my favorites. They are the right weight, size and color.  But really?  Who at this time of life has good flannel shirts? 

This got me thinking about where I thought my life would be at this stage. First of all, don't get me wrong, I love my life. I get up every morning and start the day saying good morning to my critters, my dog, my horses, my chickens, even my feral cats. As I am feeding and cleaning pens for every one, I feel a connection to them and to the earth. There is something about animals that bring out the good in most folks. Then I walk my dog around the property a few times, listening to the birdsong, and looking at the tracks the visitors left from the night before. Deer, raccoons, skunks.... yes all the good things.  lol  Then to say my prayers at the top of the hill.

I have noticed that more I thank God for all in this world, the less I seem to need to ask for forgiveness. Not sure what the correlation is, but I have simply noticed it.  Maybe I am living more in a way I'm not causing "as much" trouble.  Or maybe my memory is failing :) 

Then it's time for work. I will be working till I am done on this world. I am totally okay with that. It gives me purpose.  And as I look at things going on in the world today, I think this is a fundamental thing that is lacking in many people's lives. The simple feeling of purpose. It kind of makes things make sense. 

My circle has gotten much smaller, it's more pure in some ways. People in my world understand me, I don't have to be careful how I phrase things. Some folks see me a little eccentric, another boon of being older, we can call it eccentric now. 

Being older has so many upsides. We all age different, I have some friends that are sedentary in a positive way, looking more interior, I have some friends that are still riding horses and kicking butt. I seem to be somewhere in between.  It's all about genetics and how you lived your life. There is no hard and fast rule for where you should be at during any time period of life. I mean really, its right up there with  being 63 and having 3 good flannel shirts.