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Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Balance They were safe for now. The large room had many arched windows letting in the light from the setting sun. The room was empty of all furnishings and the glare from the windows let the light dance on the dust motes in the air. The silence was complete as neither being spoke. Words were not necessary. Both beings had been brought to this plane without their knowledge. They knew not how to survive in this world. They were to observe, but not interfere. The pair stood in the middle of the room. The male was tall, over 7 feet; his wavy hair was pulled back in a leather thong, a small pony tail at the nape of his neck. From the back every muscle was defined, not large and bulky but the long lean muscle that shows strength and power. He appeared like a “Boris” painting from the seventies. He was unadorned as his kind had no need of cover, for protection or personal security. He felt no fear of death or pain. He was evil incarnate. His eyes were heavily hooded, a striking brow ridge above, and prominent cheek bones on either side of a nose that looked like a child threw a blob of clay at a wall hard enough to make it stick. A strong jaw bone gave a feeling of control and power. But the smile, the lips were full, teeth even and white. A smile to beguile the foolish into thinking just for a moment they were not doomed to death and mercy was at hand. His hands were large and powerful, long large knuckled fingers with yellow ridged pointed nails that resembled claws. His feet here quite long and at a run he stood on his toes, using that extra leverage for speed for extreme jumping height. She was a child of the earth, unable to harm another, a bringer of joy and hope. A slender woman, of above average height with long honey blond hair, the sun shine showing dancing light amongst her curls that fell to below her waist. Her unlined brow, was relaxed, her eyes liquid pools of green and held the innocence of a gentler time. Her smile was tentative, and although her features were fine, she was plain to view, but the beauty was shining through from the light within. Her fine bone structure showed no physical strength, but a weak continence, dressed in a simple blouse and flowing long skirt, her feet bare. She was a good being, not prone to ugliness or the unkindness of the age. Her expression showed confusion but no fear. For every evil he committed she had offered another solace from the pain. For every lie he told she showed a pleasing truth. For every pain he expressed to another, she shared a joy. They were exact opposites, for every weakness she had he was pure strength, and for every short coming he possessed she was blessed. They stood facing each other. He knew he needed her to survive in this world. His being would implode in this plane; the evil would destroy this body. He needed to continue to exist and he needed her to do this. She had the same problem. She was so innocent that this world would destroy her and would not be able to protect herself. She needed his strength to survive. They stepped to each other; he gently placed his palm to the back of her head and drew her to him. He placed her head to his chest and drew his other arm around her in a protective embrace. She placed her hand on his chest and held a tentative arm around his waist. He thought he was protecting her, and she was afraid he would leave her. He was here to give here strength and she there to accept his power. But truly his was a need for her love to temper his evil and she to share of herself freely to keep him alive. They had found what was necessary to maintain life; they surrender fully to each other and found the perfect balance.


I have had a site on the Ning platform for a few years, and it is time to let it go. I had so much fun building it up, learning about new people, and new ways of looking at life. So many folks had shared some pretty dang interesting knowledge, it is sad to see it all end. I know it is partly my lack of attention that has cause the decline, but sometimes life does take a front seat to those things we want to learn. The site is at www.empathchat.ning.com if you want to have a look and grab some awesome information before it is gone. New changes, new directions, always forward!!! T.