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Monday, April 30, 2018

Never Settle

Sometimes it seems like life gets away from us. We are so busy taking care of home, family, work and keeping it all in proper order. We have an idea of how things should be, and some of us have people in our lives that have no problem telling us what we should be doing and how we should be doing it.

But what if, just what if no one knows what is needed in your life more than you!  We have worked hard to become who we are. We had our own trials and never do you make it through unscathed.  Ever interaction changes how we see things. It can't be helped. We receive more information that helps make changes to the image of what we think things should be.

However, at no time do we have to give up that basic moral structure we are all born with. We can make mistakes and fall from grace from time to time, but we don't have to change what we know in our hearts is right.

So take an afternoon and really look at your goals. Look at your strengths and figure out how to improve on your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself, be kind to yourself, make smaller goals to reach the big ones. There are no easy answers and the only way to manifest the life you want is to never settle.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Start now

Random thoughts.....
My garden is mostly in, and I check nearly every day to see if the seeds are coming up. It seems to take so long for them to grow. The corn is only a couple inches tall, the tomatoes only have a couple tomatoes on them, but the plants are sound and healthy. The flowers are starting to break through the dirt and there are spots I forgot what I planted, but they are breaking through the soil too.
I was thinking about it, how impatient I am. I started pondering on the miracle of the whole process. Look how small a tomato seed is, it is so tiny and yet it produces so many luscious fruits. That one tiny seed can become jars of sauce, stewed tomatoes, salads, so many things with just some dirt, sunlight and water. How amazing that is. It needs to be tended, but that is part of the joy of gardening.
Then my mind wandered off to how that is what dreams and goals start with. One teeny tiny thought, that when you nurture it with joy and enthusiasm grows into an action, a goal, a dream come true. It seems like it takes forever, but it really doesn't. We forget the joy of tending these dreams, the joy of watching it come to pass simply by taking the time it takes to make it happen.
Plant a dream today. Take steps to plant the seed of the thought, nourish it with ideas, and research ways to make it happen. You have to start sometime, why not now?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I take my dog for a short walk nearly every morning around around the property. This time of year it is exceptionally beautiful with the wild flowers and the green pastures. I brought a bag and some shears with me this morning and harvested some wild lettuce.

It is not only edible but it has some lovely healing properties; one of the names it goes by is opium lettuce, and although it is not an opiate it does work on pain. It is an anti-inflammatory among other things. So I gather up enough to make some tincture and I will dry some for tea.

A little further on I see some sow thistle so I gather it up as well.  Sow thistle looks kind of like a dandelion, but it gets bigger and has several flowers at the top.
It grows well at my place, mostly in places I mow. So now that I have harvested enough to make tincture I can go ahead and mow.

I move along and come to a large space full of plantain. I make an infused oil out of this for bug bites and rashes. It works rather well on poison oak and mosquito bits.
Plantain is easy to spot because of the way the veins run the long ways along the leaves.

Up the hill I go to a spot of lovely scotch broom in bloom. I pick enough for a bouquet for the house. I love the colors and for some reason I'm not allergic to it!
Sadly I haven't found any healing attributes for this plant, except for the joy the flowers bring me.

A little further on I get the the canal that meanders through my property. It's flowing nicely and I know my reservoir is full.  A little further on than that I am back out into the open and stop and enjoy the stunning view.
I always take a moment here and give thanks for the day, and the beauty around me. Today I thanked God for all the cool stuff I got on my walk. Life is good and I am very blessed.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles - Courage

There is a saying that “courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway.”
Those who dare to love are the most courageous people. Love is frightening on the uppermost of levels. What if it isn’t shared, what if it doesn’t last, all the insecure what ifs you can think of.
But what about the deeper levels. The things we conveniently forget when tumbling into the joy of love.
Anyone that has lost a pet knows what I am talking about. Every new puppy, kitten, horse is an abundant supply of love. We grow to understand each other, to accept our differences and be there when needed most. But people generally outlive our pets. We are heart broken when we have to say goodbye and often it is our decision to send them on to the next world. What courage that takes. Knowing it won’t last forever, but conveniently forgetting that while in the midst of the joy the companionship offers.
Take it a step further. Every person you love, every joy you have shared will someday end. I am not being negative here, just practical. We know there is the opportunity for great joy, but also great pain. Yet we are courageous enough to take that chance. We know in a relationship that one day one will leave the other, if by walking out the door or passing on. We don’t dwell on it, and most times never really think about it, but the truth lies there like the tiniest of blips on our radar. It is what makes love so real. The knowing that the intense emotion, the joy, the sharing is so special, so magical. What builds it to the intense levels we enjoy is the fact it won’t last forever.
Love is the great gift because it is as fragile as tissue, and as strong as iron. It can make us better people, it can help us bring out the best in others. Love works because it is temporary. For some it last decades, for some years, for some days. How brave a heart must be to put itself at such risk? How steadfast you have to be to know what you know, yet continue on anyway.
This is the true purpose of the human being. To be courageous, to love, and to accept what comes. I find it the ultimate bravery.
There are those that still fear such a wonderful gift. Fear of the change when we find ourselves alone once again. Fear that it will never return. It is that fear that is the most harmful of all things. That fear stops us from being the human beings we are meant to be. Know that the pain won’t last, know that the love for however long the duration will be worth far more than the hurt that follows.
Know that sometimes you will have to “take the hit”. And it will be far greater than never knowing the joy.

Elemental Grounding

Elemental Grounding

There are those that have trouble meditating.  They say they can’t get grounded.  There are some folks that can’t or won’t naturally ground to the earth.   There are other methods to ground, and some can be done rather quickly in stressful situations
Lets start with a little chemistry lesson… shall we?   The body is made up of Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen…these 4 elements make up 99% of every living thing on earth
Everything thing we eat is broken down into these 4 elements to produce energy.  A sugar molecule has 6 carbons, 12 hydrogen, 6 oxygen.  Protein 2 carbons, 5 hydrogen, 2 each of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Carbohydrate is 12 carbons, 22 hydrogen and 11 oxygen.   What we eat provides the emotional energy we use.  Just look what happens to a child on sugar overload, and then the big crash!  Think about what we put our bodies through eating all the nonorganic foods we do.   Btw the definition of “organic” is  An organic compound; or any substance containing carbon-based compounds, especially produced by or derived from living organisms.  
We are carbon based life forms only because carbon is the only element that can bond to itself to form large chains.  Without it we would still be single celled.  So going beyond that, we are made from the earth, all these elements are found in the earth’s crust.  I have heard we are made of dust, and so it appears it’s true.
So basically we are allowing our energy to be called back to where it came from when we ground.

Grounding is the act of gathering your energy.  We find we need grounding when we get scattered, too many projects, and too much outside influence.  Grounded to the point of focus, and control
Fire, not a great grounding element.  Fire is an action element.   It can be used with other elements, but for now let’s set it aside.  We are looking for ways to calm the energy at this point.
Air, the gentle flow.  The breath is the beginning of all grounding.  Slow even breathing, gentle tempo, even the counting of breath will help calm the mind, ease the body and therefore sooth the soul.  Some folks are air type people, and breathing is enough to ground them to a sense of calm.   This could be done anywhere, in a meeting, at the mall, during a walk, anywhere.  In times of stress it’s great to take a few deep breaths, to slow the world down just a bit and give you a chance to greater awareness.
Water, going with the flow.  Water the earth’s gift of flowing joy.   Many people can meditate and gently follow the flow of liquid calm.  Personally I enjoy the heck out of meditating by a stream.  Water people are movers, they travel in fluid movement. So to try and connect with a nonmoving object like the earth would be quite hard for these folks.   In times of strife and in places where going to a stream is not possible, running water over your wrist in a washroom will help gather the energy and focus. Or a nice cool glass of water will help as well, however I have found that water on the skin and then going down the drain acts of a “cord” of sorts to grounding to the earth, if that makes sense.
Now of course the earth, she holds us securely and accepts the bad with the good.  Many send a chord through their body to the earth like tree roots.  Personally I like to send my energy to the center of the earth, to the fiery core, and then back through me to the sun.  I am grounded by fire at both ends, earth, water and air in the middle.  I like having the action of fire at both ends, but that’s just me 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring has sprung!

I love this time of year. I am a tax preparer and when tax season comes to a close it is time to start thinking about gardens, gathering herbs and plants, and basically playing in the dirt.
I grow a lot of my own food, and I like that it is natural and not full of chemicals. I have a couple vegetable gardens and an herb garden.
But first things first! I get my seeds in the ground or start my plants inside then it is time to harvest what Mother Nature has laid out for us.
I live in a place that has many "weeds" that have amazing healing affects. Dandelions, Sow Thistle, Horehound, Plantain just to name a few.
I go out every day and pick what is ready. I will either dry it for teas, make tinctures or infused oils.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles - Random thoughts on my ride

Wild Empath Chronicles Random thoughts on my ride

Wild Empath Chronicles Random thoughts on my ride

Just got off the Ning boards, talking to my friends, people I have never met in person. We visit for hours, our likes, our dislikes, helping, understanding and growing together. I think of these people often, the trials and accomplishments we share. We are all so different, but as I learn more about each person I see great strength in every single one. Some it’s very obvious, they are bold, bright and self assured. Willing to help anyone out if they can, the gentle hand up when needed. You read this description and think they are the teachers. You think wrong. Every person on here is student and teacher. Every person has things they don’t know and every person here has something they can share. Those that may at first appear weak, confused, or troubled; you may not see the incredible strength they hold. They feel everything at such a great spectrum yet here they are seeking help, knowing, wanting to over come these trials to feel one with the world. That great first step has been taken, the walk out of the void and into the masses. Masses of others just like them, to see that there is a whole community of people that understand. The bliss, the freedom that it holds is amazing.

I think these thoughts as I go get my gelding. It’s a beautiful day and I need my outside time. I saddle up and head for the trails. He is ready and willing. We trot through the morning sun, gentle cool breeze blowing through the trees. We are heading into the woods, at a gentle climb. My mine wanders to a conversation I had with a friend. There was discussion on the Chronicles and how they were mostly on a sad negative note. Not my way usually, and I was a bit ashamed I only shared the ugly in my life.

I thought about it, and for some of the magical moments in my life I don’t possess the proper vocabulary to properly describe my feelings. Perhaps the words don’t exist. The good things that happen I don’t over analyze, I accept them for the beautiful wonderful things they are, and carry them with me always. The negative things require more logical thought for some reason, they must be understood, learned from and filed away to make sure they don’t happen again. That must be why the human brain thinks it remembers the bad better than the good. The good is stored in the heart, feelings, part of the spirit to be called on when needed to boost a bad day, or lighten a load.

I follow the trail and see a wild turkey in the brush, a big beautiful bird, just wandering around. I idly wondered if he was lost, for some reason it puts a smile on my face. We follow the trail to the creek. A true babbling brook, small enough to jump across with enough stones for the water to trickle by it makes that wonderful gentle running water sound. I head down to it, dismount and tie my gelding to a tree. I walk down to the creek and sit in the dirt. The scene is like a post card, dappled sunlight through the trees, the sides of the bank overgrown with vines and bushes, the breeze still gentle through my hair, as I sit, listening to the sounds of the water, smelling the life of the forest, and seeing the movement of the water. I feel the life all around me, gentle and comforting. My mind wanders again

I think of a friend I haven’t heard from in a while, and hope they are okay. I know the worry is needless, but I do so anyway. I smile, its how some folks show they care. I realized there are many I worry about, and many that have my heart. In a way it is liberating to know you can open up so fully if you choose. To love and share as you see fit. I needs not be returned, and if it is that is the greatest gift of all. There is nothing more precious to me than love given freely. So often there is attempt to force such a thing. But to do so, destroys the gift, and makes it a burden.

I close my eyes and breathe deep, taking in the gentle cool essence of the creek, listening to the water washing over the smooth round stones. She speaks to me. It’s the Mother, our planet. Its not often I give her my mind, but today its Hers. I worry about Her too. She is not frail, She is not weak, She is complete in her self. We think we harm her, She laughs. We build structures to please the ego, She shivers a bit and they are knocked to the ground. We foul her waters; She hiccups and cleanses the ocean in one small effort. She is all, and feels all. We need Her, we are all connected. I worry about the devastation we cause, to Her its just one more thing. When She has had enough She will reclaim her land and seas. It is not for Her she worries, but for us. She will do what is necessary to maintain Herself, it will be the people and animals that suffer. She will feel that pain, but will do what must be done. She is mother, God the Father. Both smile gently at the foolishness of the human race, both knowing the sadness that will be Theirs as they cleanse this world and make it worthy for yet another round of human habitation.

Many holy books speak of this cleansing. People fight over which thought is right, what to call God, how to honor Him or Her. They argue which people are better, kinder, nobler, who is best. What path is the one all should take? No one has the right to choose another’s path. It is a private thing, not to be argued, or shamed. Yet people die for their beliefs every day. I wonder if I would ever be that strong as to face death for my knowing of my heart, to stand tall, with honor and pride at my conviction. I pray I am never tested, and I pray that if I am I will be worthy.

My gelding is agitated; the turkey I saw earlier reminds me that where there is prey there are predators. It is the way of nature, brutal and beautiful in its simplicity. I get up from my peaceful resting spot, take one last look at the beautiful scene and get back on my horse and head down the trail.

My mind is very restless as I leave the shady woods to walk along side a man made canal. The water flowing does not smell as sweet, or sound as gentle. There is no life here, just water in concrete forced to go this way or that. Necessary for our lives, but not the gentle natural flow of the little creek I just enjoyed a few minutes ago.

My gelding has had enough of this gentle thinking and meandering through the woods. He wants to play, and as we near a running spot, I feel his energy charge through him. He is a strong and powerful force all his own. I feel the muscles tense, and the joy he is waiting for. I let him fly. His mind is of a wild nature, to run free across the plains just for the joy of the power, speed and movement. To run with the herd, but that isn’t his life now, he is not free. Not free to fear predators, not free to starve or die of thirst. But every now and then I give him as much freedom as I can, and he is willing to share that joy with me. It is an honor, one I can not describe in words.

As I near home, I feel a presence, my friend I was worried for, and a quiet voice in my mind, I am fine, please don’t worry. And now I won’t.

In the beginning

The Reiki Ranch was purchased in July of 2010,  on my personal independence day. It was a sad little place, with a house that should have been torn down, and an awesome barn. Yes the horses lived better than I did.
When I offered on the property there were several offers that were better than mine and I lost the bid. But I kept coming here, feeding the cats and watering the herb garden.
There is a very tall eucalyptus tree in the front yard. I would lean up against it and promise, if I got this place I would take the best care of it I could. I came nearly every day. I know it wasn't mine, but it was supposed to be.
I got the call about a week later that the offer had fallen through and I had another chance at the house. I kept the same offer, but changed it to an "as is" offer, so that I wanted nothing fixed.  The house was in shambles. You could poke your finger through the siding, someone had been partying inside, there were holes in the walls and urine in the carpet. But this house was supposed to be mine.
I kept feeding the feral cats, and watering the garden, and started tidying up the place. A couple days later I heard I got the house.
I was thrilled and scared, mostly excited.
I moved into one room and started slowly cleaning it all up. I knew nothing about carpentry, and admit, I still really don't. I don't do things "right" but it looks okay so I go with it.  As I fixed up the house, I was healing myself at the same time. I was alone at 54 and starting over. It was a tough time, but I lucked out and found the perfect way to heal. I built the Reiki Ranch idea from the ground up.
I was already a Reiki M/T and Empath coach when I bought this place. I have learned about aroma therapy, making herbal tinctures, oils and salves. Things keep evolving here and I am loving it.

Here is the before

                                                                Here is the after

While on this part of my journey, I have found that this place has many healing plants, and has a great all around energy to it. I will share what I am learning about healing and life in general.