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Friday, July 17, 2020

7 layers of being, 2nd layer

 The Seven Layers of Being

People can be quite complicated or quite simple depending on how you look at things. We have different needs and wants, different ways of growth and thought.  But we all have the same basic layers to our self.  They need to be kept open and balanced. Each layer has a specific part to our place here on this earth and in the universe. 

2nd Layer

We have talked about the left side of the brain in the first layer, now lets explore the beauty of the right brain as it is important for our second layer. This layer of being is all about thinking outside the box, or at least letting it be an option. We are talking creativity. We are talking a balance of the 1st layer and this layer. They will work in tandem when both are balanced.

While the first one is all about survival, this layer is about making your world a pretty place. It’s about color, humor, expression. It brings joy to your life. Simple pleasures, exotic reasoning. All ends of the spectrum.

This layer when balanced brings a little pop to the personality. The ability to create through self-expression, showing you are self-assured.

When this over active you see a loud drama to this creativity.  It isn’t enough to flow, it is all about standing out no matter what the cost. This leads to fear of not being seen.

On the other side when it is under active we see loss of control. There are so times we need to go with the flow, but it is hard when you can’t visualize a creative change. After all it is hard to be creative when you are shadowed in doubt.

The second layer corresponds to the navel or sacral chakra. As it is all about joy and expression, the tarot suit is Cups. It is visualized by the color orange, and frequency this layer thrives on for balance is 417hz. 

To help find that balance again, do things a bit differently, brush your teeth with your non dominate hand, take a new route to a place you go often. Change the color of something you see every day, a tablecloth, the walls, your clothes. Read books or listen to music out of your normal genre.

Find your joy in simple things. Add them to your life. We are here for more than just survival. We are here to flourish!

When the first and second layer work in tandem, you are using both sides of your mind. It opens up the possibilities to an infinite level!  

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