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The Wonders of Wild Lettuce!

Time to make some healing salve with the wonderful pain relieving properties found in wild lettuce. I harvest in the mid morning after the dew has dried off the plants. Cut into smaller pieces and dried. You don't want water in your oil infusions to keep mildew at bay. Water is "life" and we don't want anything growing in our infusions! I let the infusion work until the oil changes color. This time can vary depending on how warm it is. Oils infuse in sunlight, but tinctures should be done in the dark. Wild lettuce makes for a great pain relieving tincture as well. I will start mine tomorrow. It takes a good six weeks in vodka until it reaches healing strength.
I used a very light olive oil and just love the lovely green color this infusion has turn! Wild lettuce grows in fields and along road sides. The earth provides what we need, if we just know where to look.

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