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Welcome to my world

The Reiki Ranch was purchased in July of 2010,  on my personal independence day. It was a sad little place, with a house that should have been torn down, and an awesome barn. Yes the horses lived better than I did.
When I offered on the property there were several offers that were better than mine and I lost the bid. But I kept coming here, feeding the cats and watering the herb garden.
There is a very tall eucalyptus tree in the front yard. I would lean up against it and promise, if I got this place I would take the best care of it I could. I came nearly every day. I know it wasn't mine, but it was supposed to be.
I got the call about a week later that the offer had fallen through and I had another chance at the house. I kept the same offer, but changed it to an "as is" offer, so that I wanted nothing fixed.  The house was in shambles. You could poke your finger through the siding, someone had been partying inside, there were holes in the walls and urine in the carpet. But this house was supposed to be mine.
I kept feeding the feral cats, and watering the garden, and started tidying up the place. A couple days later I heard I got the house.
I was thrilled and scared, mostly excited.
I moved into one room and started slowly cleaning it all up. I knew nothing about carpentry, and admit, I still really don't. I don't do things "right" but it looks okay so I go with it.  As I fixed up the house, I was healing myself at the same time. I was alone at 54 and starting over. It was a tough time, but I lucked out and found the perfect way to heal. I built the Reiki Ranch idea from the ground up.
I was already a Reiki M/T and Empath coach when I bought this place. I have learned about aroma therapy, making herbal tinctures, oils and salves. Things keep evolving here and I am loving it.

Here is the before

                                                                Here is the after

While on this part of my journey, I have found that this place has many healing plants, and has a great all around energy to it. I will share what I am learning about healing and life in general.

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