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Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Cosmic Reboot

You know when you have a feeling, like a small poke or idea from the universe. Every time I sit to ponder, or meditate I can't quite grasp what it is that I am missing.
At first I felt like the magic of the world was being taken away. All the emotional blight that is blinding us all, the fear and anger over how we humans are treating each other. It's like the soulfulness of man has left the building. People take so others will suffer. It is not the way we are told this shift would happen. It was supposed to be all about finding the love in our hearts and connecting on a deeper level. We keeping falling into the trap that change is easy because it will be good. But that isn't how it works now is it. We fight it tooth and nail, wanting to feel in control, when in fact as well know, control is the illusion.
But now I am starting to wonder, about the magic part. I don't mean the abracadabra kind of thing, but the balanced flow of life on the planet. The finding of gifts and signs in a subtle form to let you know you are on the right track, or at least to know you are not now or ever alone. Because we are causing less pain to the planet the animals are coming around more. I had deer outside my kitchen window last night and I haven't seen them that close in a couple of years. So I wonder if perhaps the "magic" is returning because we aren't so prone to messing it up. We are being sincerely humbled during this time, and I think it is a good thing.
I just can't quite put my finger on it. The energy of the human connection is so staggeringly incorrect, for lack of a better term. Anyone have a better handle on this?