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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday
This time of year means so many things to so many people.  Spring has sprung, the earth wakes back up and plants start growing, flowers pop out and show their brightly colored addition to the green of the grass and the brown of the earth.  There is a sense of joy that bides it’s time growing with the flowers and trees.  It grows at a steady rate as we do this time of year.
But Easter, Ostara, Beltane, whatever you choose to call it means the same inner growth for all.
It is a time to stop the winter’s reflections and start the action of growth.  To weed your world of those that insult your soul, to plant new wonders for the months ahead.  But nothing can be done until you forgive those things in your past that hold you at bay.
Easter history shows that as Jesus emerged from his resting place on the 3rd day, he did not do so in anger, hatred or any other unkindness.  He did so in forgiveness.  Not only did He forgive all who harmed and opposed Him, He forgave all unkindness’s done by man.  All He asked for was to be remembered for doing so.  Remembering to pass down the gift that He bestowed on us that day.  All He asked was for us to love one another, to take care of each other.  When we fall from these simple tasks, we are still forgiven so the weight of the lack of attention to such things does not stop us from starting anew.
When we learn how to forgive we allow all around us to be human.  There are those that say we are flawed, but I disagree.  There are no flaws, only differences.  We are perfect and right were we are supposed to be in the journey we call life. 
All we have to do is like who we are.  Seems so simple, but for many it is so very hard.  I wonder how easy it would be if we didn’t put so much weight on what others think of us.  If we looked in the mirror every morning and saw the perfection that is us.  The beauty in the flecks of color in our eyes, the wave of the hair, the amazing dexterity of the hand.  The sound of our laughter, the cleansing strength of our tears, the simple kindness in our smile.  To see these things just as they are, not to compare them to others.
This is a test I give you.  To see yourself from your loved ones eyes.  To accept the fact that you are worthy of this amazing gift.   It is easy to see when you have forgiven those that wronged you.  When you wipe that slate clean, all you see is YOU, in the glorious splendor that was created by God. 
Happy Easter, Enjoy the Ride! 
With love,