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Friday, July 3, 2020

Oh Henry..

I have a couple of horses, a quarter horse mare named Sara, and an off the track Thoroughbred named Henry. Both very sweet horses, and a bit bored because I don't ride anymore. They are more like pasture pets getting treats and brushed once in a while, and turned out everyday to graze and play.

Yesterday I heard Henry whinnying trying to get my attention.  I looked out and saw Sara peacefully munching out in the pasture and couldn't figure out why Henry was staring at the house making all the noise. 

It was then I realized he didn't have his fly mask on.  Henry hates flies, he can't just shake his head now and then if they land on him, he just really doesn't like them. 

So I go down the the barn and he sticks his head over the gate so I can put his mask on. He stands patiently while I velcro the fastener. And after I'm done, he trots happily away to the pasture to join Sara.

That horse cracks me up! 

Take a picture of him isn't easy either.  :)

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