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Thursday, September 22, 2022


The End of the World is Near!

Folks stand on boxes telling the world to watch out Armageddon is coming! The world doesn’t end, it just changes. Each generation fights to bring a new look to the landscape, either by style, belief, war or peace. Each generation has something to offer. They fight for their changes. I was born in 1957. Enter the 60’s, the day of the men’s club, woman at home, children playing outside till dark, and the grand 50’s moral standard. People went to church, they knew their neighbors, and there were no safety caps on medicines. Government was trusted, presidents had a more regal bearing.   

Fast forward to now. None of those things are true anymore. None of them. Children have play dates, they don’t roam the neighborhood looking for all the bikes parked outside a neighbor’s house to see where everyone was hanging out.  Now it’s all scripted, children don’t learn interactive skills or communication. Mom’s set up everything. Kids have phones so they are tethered to their parents, yet when they are all together they don’t interact.

We are feeling a crossroads yet again. There is a call to change the moral rules to allow for all kinds of new and some disturbing behaviors. There is a breakdown in the family unit. Both parents work, just to make ends meet. There is more control via advertising to tell you what you “need” to own to be one of “us”.

So many want it all to take a step back, to stop running amok. And so many want a new way. So as with every generation the fight is on. It does seem different to me than the changes of the 60’s and 70’s. There was a freedom type revolution that kept spilling over into the 80’s and 90’s and even the first decade of the 2000’s.  But now even though they speak of freedom, people are anything but free. They are tethered to their phones that record where you are at all times. Government agencies have more control over your life than ever before. They say it’s for your safety, but it’s really just another excuse to take away any thing that resembles the freedom you might have thought you had.

In its stead, we have schools that go behind parent’s back to teach children things children aren’t ready for. They are in a massive indoctrination camp in the guise of learning. They took out PE and marvel at how active children are, so they put them on drugs. The logic is out the window.

While I do understand that life is a constant line of changes, it would be nice to keep the pleasant things. Keep moral high ground, teach kids how to communicate, how to handle disappointment, how to be proactive. We have a generation that has no idea how to make this all work.  Things have gone a bit too far, and it needs to be throttled back. We all know there will be change, but it has to make some kind of sense to bring joy, love, enlightenment, contentment back into the world. All I see now is chaos, anger and fear. Look at what is happening. We can do better.