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Monday, December 5, 2022


There has been a lot of information out about keeping your gut healthy. There are studies that show there is a strong correlation between a healthy digestive system and your brain power! Makes sense really, your fuel for running your body comes from what you eat. I also read a paper that shows serotonin production begins in the digestive system. 

There are more supplements than you can imagine to keep your gut healthy. They all claim to be natural, but how about a simple daily smoothie that can take care of that for you!

I make my own Kombucha. It's simple, inexpensive and so very good for you. 


So I start this smoothie with Kombucha, about a cup. I add in some juice for nutrition and and flavor. It's winter time so I'm using pineapple juice for the Bromelain.  It's a natural cough and congestion suppressant. And carrot juice for the vitamins, beta-carotene and potassium. I add a splash of Aloe Vera juice for the anti-oxidants and digestive help. I then add a couple tablespoons of plain yogurt. In the summer time I freeze the yogurt to give the smoothie a nice chill. (recipe below)

Since my surgery and wanting to help my tendon heal, I also add collagen powder. It is so good for tendon health as well as bone, skin and hair. My healing is coming along quite well. 

I always need a bit of energy in the morning so I add beet powder as well. I like it better than coffee because you don't get that low feeling a few hours later. 

This smoothie has everything you need to keep your gut working the way it should. It's hard to eat healthy when we are busy, and this smoothie is a great start to the day. 

I just wanted to share what is working for me, just in case it works for you! 

Stay warm and dry!!!


1 cup Kombucha

1/2 cup pineapple juice

1/2 cup carrot juice

2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice

2 tablespoons of plain yogurt

additionally I use:

Beet Powder


Blue Berries