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Friday, May 18, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles A truth

Wild Empath Chronicles A truth

She clutched the invitation in her hand as she walked down the long hallway looking for the room on the card. She is in a convention center, the corridor was plane, industrial type carpeting in grays and blues, light walls, with dark molding around the door ways, every now and then an easel with a placard telling the name of the event going on in the large room. She read the invitation again, it was a strange request, the boards were buzzing about it all. Some one had offered to allow them all to meet, air fare was provided as well as mystery of the reason for them to meet. It was surmised that it was one of them too humble to admit their wealth that wanted to just get them all together.

There was a surreal feeling to it all, like a dream, and perhaps it was. She didn’t care, it was something to do, a new adventure. She found the room, and as soon as she stepped inside she could feel the energy. She let it flow through her, around her and took in what felt good, and blocked what felt “off”. She was an empath practiced in dealing with this type of thing.

She stepped up to the table set up in the front of the room, and was asked for her name. She could feel the people behind her, knowing they were wondering who she was. She dressed simply in jeans a nicely tailored white blouse, her favorite distressed leather jacket, and boots. She wasn’t pretty, but had long hair that fell to about the middle of her back. And just as all young women learn with they relies the power of being female, she knew how to display her assets to the best advantage. She was fit, and confident in her strong points, and didn’t worry too much about her weak ones. She signed in and instantly felt his energy. As she turned they locked eyes and he came towards her. She looked down and there was an odd feeling in her chest. Her white blouse was streaked in red, a jeweled dagger protruding out of her chest.

He came to her, and for the first time she saw his smile, a true wicked grin. No doubt the intent, but it was not one of malice. The nature of it all was just dark. He stepped up to her and removed the dagger in one quick motion, and leaned down and licked the wound clean. With the taste of blood still on his lips, he held the back of her head with one hand he kissed her hard. He held the pressure there until she relented and surrendered to her need. Even though his lips were pressed against her she could feel him smile. She opened her eyes and saw him staring back at her, she raised an eyebrow in question, and he backed off and smiled again. She answered his smile with a small grin of her own, almost a dare. Thoughts were the same, one of interest, and one of fear, a very interesting combination.

They were alone in a crowded room of people. The found a place to sit, but no words were spoken. He was lost in thoughts of conquest and plans. He had tasted her, and knew she was honest but not pure. He didn’t know yet what avenue to take with her, but she would get what she asked for.

She tapped into him, and he was open, she got through the hard ass exterior to find the heart. She saw it in a cage, constantly reaching for love it just could quite grasp. It would strain and stretch through the bars, and just barely touch the outer edges of love, but never get a grasp or hold of the elusive emotion. There standing near was a gate keeper with the keys to the cage, jingling them softly, with a smile on his face.

The gate keeper spoke the same words he always did, “you want out to feel the best life has to offer you must learn to forgive those that have caused you harm, and learn to love yourself. Should you ever find a way to do so, I will unlock your cage and you will be free to love and be loved, but not until.”

The rage the heart felt was immense. There was no way it could forgive all the wrongs done, all the unkind, unfair things that had been done to it. It screamed for the gate keeper to acquiesce, but he just looked down, crossed his arm over his chest, leaned up against the wall and let the rage go around him. There was no chance of that gate opening with out the trial of forgiveness or the self love. It was as obvious as gravity and the sunrise, and nothing could change that fact.

She looked at him and sighed, she felt so sorry for his pain, and wanted more than anything to ease him from it all. She though of others she tried to help, to show them that love was available. And through her own musings, she heard her own gate keeper laugh. She had long since quite trying to reach trough the bars, quite dreaming of the day that she could touch love, knowing she would never live long enough to forgive all that hurt her or ever learn to love herself. “Fuck off”, she said to him as he jingled the keys.

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  1. Amazing. I'm not as skilled as her i would say but wow great story. So truthful i love it.