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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wild Empath Chronicles Shielding

Wild Empath Chronicles Shielding.

In my youth during a self destruct phase, I met a kind lady in school. She invited me t her home for dinner as she lived just a short way from where I did. I was (and still am) a cowgirl, buckle and all. I drove my truck to her house and saw a line of chopped Harleys in her front yard. I had no idea she was a biker, you would never know to look at her.

She was so sweet, a little shy. I pulled in the drive, got out, headed to the door. As I walked by the motorcycles I had a change of heart, and turned to run back to my truck. She ran out and grabbed my arm. She was laughing, dragging me in the house. There was a bit of good natured teasing, but all in all these were truly wonderful people.

I will say they looked pretty dang frightening, long hair, beards, tattoos, big, bold and a little growly. Oh my gosh could these dudes party. There was great sharing of food and drink, they got loud and bit reckless, but never unkind towards each other. There were children there as well. They were watched over by all, disciplined but loved by the whole group.

I was between lives at that time and joined these folks. I went on rides, to parties, and after a bit of a downturn in my finances I rented a room and lived the life.

There is a code with these folks, an honor that was quite noble in many ways. They tended their own. Fiercely. If code was ever broken, it was dealt with internally. The rules were pretty simple, you don’t take from your own, you honor relationships, and you back your brother. They had little problem breaking the law of the outside world, but the honor among themselves was thick.

There was a horrible wreck, the man lived, his wife died. They had a son. The group tended to them all, she was honored by them all for weeks. The love they had for each other was intense. For all the harshness these were hard but very loving people.

I was through this hardness I learned to shield. As I got to know these people I found that they were no different than anyone else. But the persona they oozed terrified folks. So I watched and learned.

There was an aura of hardness, a daring of anyone to mess with them. It wasn’t just the looks. The women had this too. It was almost animal like. They were aware of everything around them, they didn’t hide from anything. You looked them in the eye, they returned the stare. They were courteous and polite. Not bulling at all. They stood up straight, confident, and assured. But the dare was there, the feeling like they were ready for anything. It was a feeling, a knowing. Dang I can’t quite get this to words.

I don’t know the terms empaths use, I never learned them. But it’s a way of pulling from inside yourself a knowing of your strong self. No insecurities show, no fear, just your strength what ever it may be.

I am perhaps the most non threatening person you will ever meet. I am long boned, weak looking. Easy to talk to and approach, unless I shield with this. I don’t know what people see, as I am not unkind, and I am polite, but still unapproachable. My strengths are few, but its all I need to use this type of shield.

I use it very seldom, but if in a large group or an area where I am uncomfortable, it comes in very handy. There are days I can’t take on more than what I am dealing with at the time. This will stop added stress.

Usually people I don’t know will walk up to me and start conversations, tell me their troubles, unload. Usually I am good with it, I feel I am helping, but when I am weak or overloaded I just can’t handle it. I will block with this shield until I am strong again.

This probably makes little sense, but I am new to the terms and using light and all that stuff. This is how I learned. It is strong, and effective.

This was written in the beginning of my journey. And I still use it today :)


  1. I tend to agree with most of what you say regarding bikers. I'm not sure of the bikers you were associated with the biggest problem I have with them is their treatment of women. Sure, there is a code, but that code falls very short when it comes to domestic violence. VERY short. There is a hierarchy, do doubt, and women are definitely not anywhere near the top. I am am empath but also a feminist and I'm sorry but, no. There's also a code about leaving. For whatever reason, if you want to leave, you are screwed. Bigtime. This may be different with the bikers you hung around, and yes, their loyalty is fierce as is their demeanor but ugh, some things just are not all that admirable about them. I was always treated with kindness and respect as a child when I was around them but I saw what they were capable of and it's not something I would want for my family. Hope that makes sense. And good luck with this site!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I did notice in other groups that women were not treated all the well at times. This was in the 70's and I never saw any domestic violence. No one treated me badly either and I wasn't "attached" to anyone, just there. I never saw anyone abused, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.