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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Month, New Year and New Decade!

Happy New Year! Time to wash away the old and bring in the new! We have a lot to hold on to that makes us happy, but at times we get overloaded with things we really either don't need or are not that great for us.
New years is a great time to sage the home, and in this ritual of cleansing let go of those things that aren't for your greater good. As you wander through you home take a look at those items that you don't use anymore.
Clothing you don't wear, books you don't read. Look at projects started and never finished, are you going to get it done, or should you just empty the guilt and get rid of the materials. Look at people that don't return your care. Some we hold on to because it's the right thing to do, some we hold on to because it's a habit.
Time to re-evaluate your priorities. We only get so much time on this planet, and as we get older we respect that concept more and more.
Another thing to look at is stagnation. Many people have great gifts and feel they have reached their "top". There is always something more to learn, new ways of doing things, or old ways that need to be brought back. We hold in our hands a device that can call up all the knowledge known to man. It only takes a little searching to find new and exciting ways to improve your skills. Open your heart, your eyes and your mind! 2020 has great things in store for us all. All we have to do is look!

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